Monday, February 15, 2010

Worth reading.

Since most of you are quite sceptical about pre orders, we have decided to clear it all out on this post about it.

First and foremostly, LCPO is run by the owner of LeCLOTHES. We're based in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and we ship almost to everywhere, including overseas. Payment methods are available via locally, eg Maybank or CIMB bank which is what we are using for our liaison with customers. As for international orders, PayPal would be used.

We have been running this blogshop since March '09 and so far as of yet, there has been no complains whatsoever. We are fully aware that running on pre order basis, there would be some item going out of stock at the last minute. But fear not, we will fully refund you incase this happens.

On Clothes
  • Sizes are normally free size. Ranging from UK 6-10 or S-M. Measurements provided upon request.
  • Would usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive after closing date.
  • Should there be any torns, or defects, please inform us immediately after receiving & we will inform the matter to our supplier. We cannot promise whether an exchange is possible, but in this case, we will work this matter out reasonably with our customers.
On Bags
  • We strive to bring our customers the fab-best bag & chic-est in the best price we can offer.
  • Quality will be put into consideration in order to ensure our customers have the best among the best.
  • Would take approx 3 weeks to arrive us after closing date.
  • Measurements would be provided upon request.
On Shoes.
  • Sizes range from 35-39 only which is approx equivalent to vincci 5-8. Click on shoe chart to view the sizes in cm to measure your feet.
  • Shoes are NOT made from animal skin and only made from imitation leather. Some of our shoes do have the 3 spots but rest assured, there are not animal skin. It would cost too much for us to sell shoes made from animal skin for such prices we have set upon our shoes.
  • Colours may vary from the screen to the real pictures but do not worry as it won't be that much of a difference.
  • If you can't fit into the shoes that you have purchased, we would try to help you to resell it by placing a notification on our blog. If in case the item is not sold, we would not be responsible in giving a refund.
We hope what we have stated are clear enough for you to understand & if any case that there are anything you'd like to further inquire, please do not hesitate to mail us.

We'd also like to add that although the term 'Customers are always right' has been around for quite some time and has been much used by a lot of people in case a problem should arise. But please, do be reasonable.

Thank you & Happy Shopping :)


LC crew.



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