Saturday, July 31, 2010

We've turned 2 :D

Hi dolls !

We've finally turned 2 :D Didn't even realised we're 2 when one of us starting going through the old posts of LeClothes & our pre loved days :')

We wanna thank every single one of you that have continuously supported us since day 1 till now :) It wasn't easy at first, but we persevered what with so many other shops coming up every day. It's exciting to see different shops with different styles to offer :) Saves us trips to the malls on days like these*weekends* ;)

So! To celebrate this merry day, we're giving free postage to everything only for today ! So hurry if you don't wanna miss this offer :)

p/s : Do remember to swing by Rasta TTDI next Sat & Sun ! It'll be our first bazaar ever so we're really excited about it!
Mark your calendar pleasee :D

Till then,

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