Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We're back! :)

Hi girls!

We're back :) It has been a pretty busy couple of months with workload & studies.
Anyway, we'll bringing in shoes & bags, yet again sometime next week so don't forget to drop by & subscribe to us if you haven't yet! At the meantime, do head over to our ready stock shop at www.leclothes.miyoc.com for a whole dose of clothes, maxi dresses, shoes etc. They're all going dirt cheap & prices will be revised from time to time. If you have your eye on something and still think they're a wee bit off your price range, then email us about it. We can definitely work on something :)

Oh, and also, have we told you about our sister accessories site. Neck + Wrist? Prices are all at RM 30 and below! And the quality is really good as well :)

Heres the link & do like 'em on Facebook!

Email at shopneckwrist@hotmail.com for orders :)

Once again, we'd to apologize for any inconvenience caused previously & we're trying to build back bit by bit to bring you guys more awesome & gorgeous shoes at a budget friendly price!

P/S : For those of you who haven't got your refund yet,we're still working on it. Had a few problem with the suppliers & the issues are still not resolved. We've already emailed you girls about it btw :)

Thank you & have a great day!



Blogger purplebutterfly said...

u still have not sent my item, nor have u given me a refund. my emails has also not been answered. pls be a responsible seller and dont cheat ppl.

December 11, 2011 at 1:30 AM  

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